Things Don’t Always Work Out the Way You Expect Them To

I was so excited to show off my new hair with my next blog post, but like all other things in my life at the moment: It didn’t happen. It’s actually really ironic; I haven’t dyed (and have actually refused to dye) my hair for over three years. My hair was finally back to its natural color! Then a month ago, I decided that I wanted that shade of red, so my boyfriend and I set out to dye it. (Yes, he’s a sweetheart.) Unfortunately, I’ve always sucked at chemistry, and I didn’t realize that I’d need to bleach it or use a much lighter color than the color that I actually wanted, so we went ahead and got L’Oreal Preference Dark Red.

When I washed out the color, lo and behold, it was still black. It’s been a few weeks now and I’m starting to see a tiny hint of red in really bright lights. The trouble is that when I went to the salon today, she said that she wouldn’t be able to dye my hair without bleaching it or stripping it of its color, which would at least triple the initial price. Maybe she was ripping me off, I don’t know, but it’s looking like she wasn’t via many Google searches. I did get a cut though and she did teach me how to get my hair a shade of red using bleach, so now I’m sitting here with my bleach and preparing this journey. Fortunately enough, I was able to get two boxes for $12! (I thought they were $12 each, but apparently they were on sale.) Hopefully Garnier’s Intense Bleach Cream doesn’t destroy my hair. I don’t know why I’m doing this at 12:30 a.m., but I definitely, definitely need a lot of goddamn luck. So, wish me luck!

ETA: Okay, so in the week or so that I’ve been researching the low carb thing I have to admit that I haven’t actually started it yet. I haven’t even bought my damned vegetables yet. I’m so ashamed. However, when I started researching it, my BMI was on the higher-“normal” end.  Don’t give me all that “Oh, it’s not accurate because of muscle weight” shit. I don’t have any muscles. What bulges out of my bicep when I try to flex is puny and hardly noticeable under my flab. Anyway, I just checked and apparently I’ve lost 3.6 lbs in these past four or so days. What? What the fuck happened? I mean, I’ve definitely been noticing how many carbs are in things now and if it scares me then I’ll limit myself, but here’s what I’ve done differently:

1. I’ve stopped snacking on chips and popcorn. I actually have a problem when it comes to chips; once I have one, I finish my whole bag (before my boyfriend. He actually still has half his bag and I finished mine the same day). It doesn’t stop there! If I get through a bag and we’re doing something fun, like video games or watching movies or board games, then the next day I’ll have to go and buy more chips to make up for the lack of my chips. Zucchini chips do help my craving, but I simply cannot be fucked to prepare it every day and I don’t have a mandolin slicer.

2. I still eat, and I eat more often. During this one week, I’ve gone and had fast food twice (I was out and I was hungry). Other than that, I have my breakfast; usually it’s a bowl of cereal (high carb but I don’t care, I need to finish my Special K!). I did have the pleasant surprise of discovering that crispbread is low in carbs; I lived half my life in Sweden so I’m a *huge* fan of crispbread. Anyway, so I have that with butter and deli meat now. I eat Lindt’s dark chocolate (85% or 90% cacao), cheese sticks, and pepperoni sticks throughout the day until food is ready. For dinner, I’ve had a lot of salmon and cabbage or chicken with cabbage. My “real low carb meals” (those were just what I had on hand) will start today or Tuesday.

3. I have had a lot of water and I’ve stopped drinking soda. I haven’t intentionally stopped drinking soda, it just happened that way. I make sure to carry water and walnuts in my bag at all times now, because I find that if I’m at the mall and I’m hungry or thirsty, then I’ll get something to eat AND drink. It’s worse if I’m hungry, because then I’ll get fast food. If I’m thirst, though, I’ll either get coffee (black), if I’m extravagant then I’ll get a flavored latte (both coffee-based drinks make me want a donut or a wrap), or I’ll get a diet soda which will make me want fries.

That’s it. That’s literally all I’ve done. In a few hours, I’m heading over for my first gym session. Hopefully by next week it’ll be another 4 lbs. (Seriously, that’s so fucking crazy. My mind is blown.)

Lost 3.6 lbs
25.4 lbs until dream weight


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