DIY Caviar Nails: Don’t Let Ciate Mock You

Ciate’s $25 Black Pearl Caviar Nail Set

I’m sure many of you have, at one point or another, seen this exorbitantly priced manicure set at a beauty supply shop. Sephora has them, and I’m sure Sally’s along with other places have them, as well. As soon as I saw the design, I fell in love. But as soon as I saw the price, I was so incredibly disgusted. I mean seriously? $25 for some goddamn beads and a bottle of cheap nail polish? Get the f*ck over yourself. Honestly.


$3 gems that will seemingly last forever.

I was on a mission, though. I had to have these nails. But there was no way I was going to pay $25 for some beads. After much research, I discovered that you could get these “micro beads” at literally any craft store, and they are in the $2-4 price range per bottle. As impatient as I am, I wasn’t going to go all the way to a craft store. However, I did find a nice girl selling 6 bottles for $15 on Craigslist; I snatched up the offer immediately.


My $0.10 manicure.

They turned out quite well! I have the beads in clear, champagne, and copper, too. I gave two bottles (silver and gold) to my sister, because they don’t have these things over in Sweden without much more searching.


A lonely nail along with the products used!

DIY Caviar Nails
Apply a base coat; I used black nail polish so that if a couple beads fell off it would be unnoticeable.

2. Apply a thick layer of nail polish over the dried base coat ONE NAIL AT A TIME. Again, I used the black nail polish.

3. I utilized my Swatch case to catch the beads, but you can use any bowl-type device. I basically just poured the beads right out of the bottle onto my nail. Once there, I would lightly press it into the nail polish. It’s to the effect that if you were to rub your finger over your nail, the beads should more or less be level.

4. Repeat this for the remainder of your fingernails.

5. Grab a top coat (I used Sally Hansen’s “Ceramics”) and literally goop a puddle of it onto your beads. I don’t know how to word that better, but apply a liberal amount. Spread it around with the nail polish brush. It should seep into the gaps between the beads.

Time Spent? 20 minutes.

Congratulations. You just saved yourself 4 cocktails worth of nail supplies! Go and enjoy your drink.



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