Healthy, Low Carb Meals for a Month – 3 Hour Prep & Less Than $240! (Once a Month Freezer Cooking)

Readers, prepare yourselves for a long post, because boy do I have a lot to say!

So, I’ve finally mustered up the energy to prepare our month’s worth of food with the help of my darling boyfriend. It’s funny, because once we got down to it, it really didn’t take that long at all! We ended up only making five different meals (nearly 50 servings worth of food), because the month is almost over and we realized we were missing some ingredients for the other recipes. Oh well! I’m very pleased with the results!


Some of the ingredients needed for this OAMC session!

We started off by washing and separating the vegetables into bowls. This didn’t take too long; we also were planning on relying on the food processor. It turns out that Hamilton Beach is actually a terrible brand and could not process food worth a shit, so we ended up chopping them up by hand and only using the food “processor” for turning onions to mush and mincing garlic.

After we prepared the food and browned the meat that needed to be browned, we combined the ingredients into their separate bowls.


The goods! 46 servings of food.

This was my favorite part; you actually got to smell the combined spices and see what a gift you’re giving to your future self. No cooking for the next three weeks? Fuck yes.


Mushroom, Chicken, and Sausage Casserole

This, my dears, is a cheesy, mushroom, chicken, and sausage casserole! It’s complete with herbs, spices, garlic, cauliflower, and some other things I don’t care to mention. What I can do, though, is direct you to Linda Sue’s page, since it’s her recipe (based on Dottie’s recipe). I have some very slight modifications in mine!


The other four dishes!

From the top left to the bottom right: Chicken Parmesan Soup (still need to add broth & water), Chicken Alfredo, Chipotle Chili, and Philly Cheese Steak Casserole.

I’m so excited to not have food so that I can make these meals!


46 Servings. 3 hours. 1 regular freezer — with room to spare!

Honestly, it must have been some sort of sign when the chest freezer didn’t arrive in time. Someone must have been like, “What the fuck are you thinking? You don’t need that much room. You can’t even buy that much food!” Pro-Tip: Flatten your freezer meals so that you can fit many of them in there!


One of the two chicken alfredo meals!

It was really satisfying watching our meals flatten out in freezer bags, too.

Currently, we’re also cooking up some chicken breasts in the slow-cooker (just throw them in there with half a cup of water, spices, and set to low for 8 hours). By the time it’s done, the meat will be really tender and can be shredded (this is what I did for the casserole), and we’ll be putting the meat in wraps and salads! YUM!

Other than that, when we were done with grocery shopping, we bought:
– Ingredients for 3 different desserts (lemon meringue pie, mocha shortbread, and cinnamon rolls — none of these are low carb)
– 3 bars of Lindt’s dark chocolate
– A package of cheese sticks
– A box of crackers (Dan likes snacking on them)
– A package of pepperoni sticks
– A dozen eggs
– A package of bacon
– A dozen eggs
– Frozen edamame
– Deli meat (smoked turkey)
– 2 packages crispbread
– Low carb tortillas
There are probably a ton of things that I’m forgetting as I wrote this off the top of my head, but you get the gist of it! Basically, we have breakfast for a month, dinner for a month, and lunch for a month. The “hardest” preparation was the dinner, but the entire preparation time for the 46 servings was 3 hours! 

What about the cost, you ask? Well, everything is listed for two people (and I’ll give you the recipe to my egg and bacon/sausage cups in a later post), and yet our total cost was less than $240 (Canadian)! 

Basically, a month’s worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert for $240.
Dinner for the month took us less than 3 hours to prepare.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then please don’t hesitate to ask. Obviously I’m going to post the recipes, I just don’t want to post them until we’re actually eating them. It’ll feel more authentic that way. (Plus, I can tell you how they are!)

Time to cook up some edamame and watch Dead Man with my love! Hope you’re all having a glorious Thursday.



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